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Back to the Future Volunteers: New Volunteer Updates & Opportunities!

Three years after COVID turned everyone’s world upside down, most of us are eager to return to “the way we were” — while remaining mindful of lessons learned during the pandemic. For people like you, we hope that could mean a return to volunteering at Samaritan Ministries. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Volunteer Capacity You will find many things are…

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Samaritan Needs of the Week: February 06-10

Help spread the word. We need donations to help support our Soup Kitchen and Shelter. Please consider reviewing our wish list or ordering items online on our Amazon Smile. Click here to view our AMAZON SMILE LIST.  

February Salemtowne Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Caleigh Hauber and Maddison Carter! As part of their community service efforts through Davidson-Davie Community College, both Caleigh and Maddison gravitated towards Samaritan Ministries in hopes of making a difference in the lives of our guests, one meal at a time. Volunteering is one of the best hands-on experiences for students to learn the…

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Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County’s Annual Point-in-Time Count.

Kenneth Koontz, Project Cornerstone Supportive Services Counselor and Cleveland B., Project Cornerstone Program Participant   Last week, Samaritan Ministries participated in the Annual Point-in-Time Count in partnership with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Continuum of Care (COC). Point-in-Time Count happens annually on the last Wednesday of January all over the country.  The community comes together to survey our brothers, sisters,…

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RSVP To This Year’s Business Appreciation Breakfast

We are so GRATEFUL for you! The Winston-Salem business community cares for the health and vibrancy of our city. And Samaritan Ministries is honored to be your partner in helping provide a warm meal, a safe space, and hope for the future for those who could use a kind gesture. We will enjoy a delicious…

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Powered by Faith: Allan D. Story

Meet Allan D. At the tender age of 17, Allan D. began using drugs to cope with his hostile home environment. His parents were angry all the time and he feared for his life. For decades he struggled to balance work, anxiety, depression and addiction. It wasn’t until the age of 34 that he began seeking treatment, and…

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