Samaritan Ministries’ Annual Penny Campaign:


Help Us Fight Hunger, Homelessness and Addiction 

Samaritan Ministries’ Annual Penny Campaign brings together the Winston-Salem community to help spread awareness and raise funds for our hungry and homeless neighbors. Join our honorary chair, WXII’s Lanie Pope, in helping us fulfill our mission of providing food, shelter, and hope through Christian love. By itself, the penny is one cent, but together with other coins, bills, checks, or online donation the value becomes:

  • Over 100,000 warm, nutritious meals each year for those that are hungry.
  • 70 cozy beds for homeless men to rest in a safe place overnight
  • An addiction recovery program that focuses on mind, body, spirit, and community

It is so easy to do!

  1. Donate online or mail your gift to Samaritan Ministries, 414 E. Northwest Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27105. For mail, indicate Penny Campaign.
  2. Pick up a jar at our location to collect coins, bills, and checks.
  3. Set up an online giving page and ASK everyone you know to join the fight.

Thank you!

Our doors are always open and in 15,000 days we have never missed serving a meal. Thanks to your support, we will ALWAYS be here for those who need us the most. If you have questions or need help, please call Robin Stone at 336-448-2668 or send an email to


Watch these Amazing #MyPennyCampaign Stories!

It is truly inspirational to hear all these amazing Penny Campaign stories from members of our community. Thank you for spreading HOPE through your memories and inspiring others to give back to those in need. You can check out these amazing #mypennycampaign stories by clicking the video below or here to watch the full playlist.

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