Samaritan Ministries Staff

Samaritan Office

Sonjia Kurosky, Executive Director, 336-448-2664,

Gail McAlister, Financial Manager, 336-448-2667, part time, 

Shelter Staff

Shonta Fleming, Assistant Director, 336-448-2669,

Kenneth Koontz, Project Cornerstone Supportive Services Counselor, 336-448-2669,

Steve Stover, Shelter Manager

Donnie Scott, Senior Shelter Counselor

Nick Paylor, Shelter Counselor

Reggie Sims, Shelter Counselor, part time

Marcus Houston, Shelter Counselor, part time

Harold Rice, Maintenance Worker

Rodney Harris, Maintenance Worker, part time

Felix Reid, check-in assistant, part time

Richard Manning, check-in assistant, part time

The Empowerment Project

Obie Johnson, The Empowerment Project, 336-970-9926

Bree Ferguson, The Empowerment Project, 336-970-3628

Anna Donze, The Empowerment Project, 336-970-9782

Soup Kitchen Staff

Derrick Newkirk, Soup Kitchen Manager, 336-448-2673,

Tiffani Pepper, Soup Kitchen Assistant, 336-748-1962,

Sandra Staples, Soup Kitchen Assistant, 336-748-1962,

Quinten Henighan, Soup Kitchen Assistant, part time

Barbara Jones, Weekend Soup Kitchen worker, Sundays

Development Staff

Jan Kelly, Development Director, 336-448-2665,

Vania Elliott, Volunteer Coordinator, 336-748-1962 ext. 303, 

Alex Jarrell, Marketing Director, 336-448-2668,

Julie Harris, Office Manager, 336-724-4086,

Vacant, Receptionist, part time