Financial Information

Samaritan is a 501 C3 nonprofit and has operated within budget since its opening. The ministry has worked to diversify its sources of revenue. We receive money from individuals, churches, community organizations, corporations, special event fundraisers, and the government.

Revenues 2022-2023

Individuals and major gifts $727,500 44%
Events $310,000 19%
Government $191,902 11%
Churches $164,921  10%
Endowments $121,206 7%
Corporations and Foundations $137,500  8%
Other $14,900 1%
Total Income $1,667,929 100%

Soup Kitchen

  • In 2023 we served a total of 107,011 meals. The food and preparation cost per meal is $3.66.
  • In 2023, our volunteers invested 21,915 hours of service to our dinner service and shelter operations.

Samaritan Inn

  • In 2023, 452 men were provided shelter. Cost for a night of shelter (24 hour care) is $44.66.

Use of Funds

Click here to review our 2023 Annual Report.

Click here to review the most recent 990 form. Our tax-ID number is 56-1490019.

Click here to review the most recent Audit. The Samaritan Ministries audit oversight committee works directly with the auditor to ensure maximum accountability and transparency.   

Public Inspection: Form 990 6-30-23