Please join us for the Samaritan Ministries Souper Bowl!


We are creating a whole league of caring and kindness with our Souper Bowl teams, and we would be honored for you to join us in offering others a bowl of comfort.

You can join us at our SOUPer Bowl by supporting or joining a Seed Team, making a Home Team, or by becoming a Fan! Most of us enjoy February and March by watching the NFL’s Super Bowl, or cheering on our favorite college basketball teams who work their magic on the courts. We also enjoy a wintertime meal at home or someplace where we feel welcomed, with friends, and in comfort.  Samaritan Ministries wants to welcome their guests with comfort and hospitality, too, by providing them with a place to enjoy a hearty meal and some kind words.

We have three ways for you to play the Souper Bowl:

Our Seed Teams are five fabulous organizations who want to raise awareness for volunteerism at the Samaritan Ministries Soup Kitchen, as well as raise funds to feed anyone in Winston-Salem who comes to our doors in need of a hearty, nutritious meal. Each Seed Team is spending an evening preparing and serving a delicious SOUP dinner, complete with all the fixins, for our guests. These teams are champions in offering a warm welcome and hospitality to those who need a bowl of comfort!

For more information, contact Jan Kelly, executive director at, or call 33-448-2665.

Home Teams: These magnificent teams want to win support for the Samaritan Ministries Soup Kitchen through many creative and ingenious methods! Some are offering a soup dinner to their friends while watching a Duke/Carolina basketball game and challenging everyone to donate $3 for each three-pointer made. Or they are inviting their colleagues to meet them at a neighborhood pub to watch the opening night of the ACC Tournament – donate $50 if your team advances.  Some are filling out their March Madness Brackets and are challenging their friends to contribute $5 for every W. All of these team strategies will do immeasurable good in feeding those who need a hearty meal at our Soup Kitchen.

Be a Fan: Everyone knows that the fan base of each team makes a huge difference! You wear their colors, you cheer them on, and you know they can make it happen. Support your favorite team by donating to their campaign, and we’ll make a home for all those who need to be welcomed to our table.

Click here to download our Souper Bowl 2023 Team Flyer