Samaritan Inn Shelter

The Samaritan Inn shelter opened in 1988, as a collaboration between five downtown churches: First Presbyterian, First Baptist on Fifth, Centenary United Methodist, St. Paul’s Episcopal and Augsburg Lutheran. Today Samaritan serves homeless men who need safe, temporary shelter for a maximum of 90 days. All shelter guests are referred to appropriate agencies for further assistance with medical care, job training, temporary housing and other needs. In 2014, Samaritan provided 22,615 nights of shelter to 651 different men. Providing shelter, along with breakfast and dinner costs $23.55 per guest, per night.

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"It’s one of those things that’s a little outside your comfort zone. You go and you talk to the men and you realize you’re only two bad decisions or pieces of bad luck away from where they are. There are some guys who could be you or your neighbor."

Ron Wixson, Shelter Volunteer