Financial Information

Samaritan has operated within budget since its opening. The ministry has worked to diversify its sources of revenue. We receive money from individuals, churches, community organizations, corporations, special event fundraisers and the government.

Revenues 2017-2018

Individuals and major gifts$584,16347%
Corporations and foundations$97,0008%
Total Income$1,233,663100%

Soup Kitchen

• Served a total of 148,031 meals, including 97,2652 lunches.
• Food and preparation cost per meal is $2.10.
• 330 Soup Kitchen team members invested 32,850 hours of service, which is equivalent to
16 full-time staff.


Samaritan Inn

• Provided 25,480 nights of shelter to 715 different homeless men.
• One night of shelter, including breakfast and dinner, costs $25.82.
• 2,534 shelter volunteers invested over 34,209 hours of service, which is equivalent to 17
full-time staff.


Use of Funds

For every dollar donated, 85 cents goes directly to guest services. Samaritan has a staff of 13 full-time and 7 part-time employees.

Source: Fiscal 2017 audit

We are proud to be a platinum-level Guidestar participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.
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