Submit Your Samaritan Volunteer Story Contest

Samaritan Volunteer Story Contest

Tell Us Your Story, Win Everlasting Fame

We’re looking for the funny, inspiring, poignant stories you tell your friends, and each other, about your volunteer experiences at Samaritan. What keeps you coming back? How has being a servant leader touched your heart?

Winner receives our eternal gratitude and the winning entry will be read at Volunteer Appreciation on Sunday, April 26.

· Entries should be 250 words or less (see below examples for ideas)

· Ideas—the guest you can’t forget, the experience that made you glad to be a volunteer, a time that you got back more than you gave.





Send stories to: Vania Elliott

Story contest examples:

“One day in the old building, people were lined up to enter the Soup Kitchen. A car jumped the curb and hit several people in line. One man was thrown out of his wheel chair. I ran outside and saw volunteers kneeling on the sidewalk to comfort the injured.”

Betty Russell, Thursday Soup Kitchen volunteer

“I had the pleasure of volunteering the first day we served lunch in the new Soup Kitchen. The new Soup Kitchen was spacious, bright and inviting. An elderly couple walked up and said, “Two, please,” as if they were entering a fine dining establishment. It truly warmed my heart and reminded me what a special place Samaritan Ministries is.”

Debbie Hunter, Board Member and Volunteer

“We had completed check-in one winter Sunday evening, but one man was still waiting. He didn’t have a single possession. “Up until this morning, I had a wife and a home,” he said. His life, for whatever reason, had suddenly taken a sorrowful turn. I don’t know if the man ever found his way back home, but I know that I was thankful on this night, Samaritan Ministries was there to offer him a safe harbor.”

John Justus, Board Member and Volunteer