Powered by Faith: Allan D. Story

Meet Allan D.

At the tender age of 17, Allan D. began using drugs to cope with his hostile home environment. His parents were angry all the time and he feared for his life. For decades he struggled to balance work, anxiety, depression and addiction. It wasn’t until the age of 34 that he began seeking treatment, and he tried recovery programs all over the south.

He became homeless in 2009 after both of his parents passed away. In shelters, he struggled with anger management and suicidal thoughts. While hanging out at the day center at Bethesda Center, he met David L. in 2017. David invited him to try Project Cornerstone. They both attended daily AA/NA meetings for several months before joining the program.

Cornerstone was different than other programs. It was personalized to identify his triggers and connect him to professionals to address his trauma. There was no pressure to figure out how to pay for the program or a 28-day time limit. He learned to make friends and to get along with others. He learned about forgiveness, grace and struggles.

Even after completing the program, Allan moved to his own place but struggled with relapse. David L, other Cornerstone guests, and Samaritan staff were there to pick up the pieces with Allan. “Aftercare saved my life, “he shares. “It was here all along waiting for me. When I was ready to come back, Cornerstone was ready to help me again.”

Allan’s road to recovery has not been easy, but he remains determined more than ever to maintain his sobriety. He exercises regularly, talks with a mental health counselor, and attends Cornerstone classes to stay connected. He is one of the many miracles that allowed time and Samaritan to be a part of his personal healing and transformation to living a healthier and self-sufficient life.