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Why I volunteer at
Samaritan Ministries . . .

“I had been retired for a while and wanted to do something to give back to the community. I heard about Samaritan and now I enjoy coming here and doing something for someone else. It truly feels like I am making a difference in people’s lives.”

Richard E. Lewis
Soup Kitchen Team Member

“I came to Samaritan in July, 2000 after retiring from 30 years of nursing. It is a pleasure. I love this place. What I get in return is far greater than the little that I give. Had I not come here I would not have the fellowship, or the new faces and friends I have come into contact with. I’m grateful to be a servant. It’s just by the grace of God that we are not in the position our guests are in.”

Faye Gray
Soup Kitchen Team Leader

“We came because it was Catholic month, but the reason that we’ve stayed on as volunteers is summarized in the bible verse on the building

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…
I was a stranger, and you invited me in. Matthew 25:35

When we are here doing this work, it feels like we are doing the work of Jesus. We saw that Samaritan is not a place for free handouts or to enable the guest, but to give them skills that they can use to better their futures. The guests have become family and we look forward to seeing them and serving them. We are guests in their house and we look forward to serving them.”

Kim & Kennedy McGovern
Shelter Volunteers

Samaritan volunteers are the backbone of Samaritan Ministries. United with a heart for the poor, our volunteers live their faith by helping hungry, homeless and people in need 365 days a year.

  • It takes a team of 15 Soup Kitchen volunteers to prepare and serve the daily lunch.
  • The shelter needs 10 volunteers every night of the year.
  • On an annual basis, it takes approximately 2,500 volunteers working over 55,000 hours to run Samaritan’s programs. The total volunteer hours would add the equivalent of 27 staff members. Samaritan’s staff includes 12 full-time and 7part-time employees

Volunteers of all faiths who believe in the mission of Samaritan Ministries
are welcome to serve with us. In exchange for the volunteers’ commitment to serve,
Samaritan’s board and staff commit to providing volunteers with meaningful work and appropriate training in a safe, secure environment. Students in the 7th grade with an accompanying adult can volunteer in the Soup Kitchen. The minimum age for shelter volunteers is 17 with an accompanying adult.

The warm smiles and sincere kindness of volunteers are priceless gifts to people who
spend their days on the streets. Volunteers are encouraged to offer a listening ear and
words of comfort and support to guests who want to talk.

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals

Volunteer Opportunities for Groups

  • Shelter Teams
    Church groups provide our major source of overnight shelter teams throughout the year. Civic, social and corporate groups are encouraged to sign up teams of 6 overnight volunteers to staff the shelter. This is a great team building exercise while helping others.
  • Special Projects
    The Soup Kitchen and Inn always need extra helping hands to keep the building and surrounding area clean. Special Project teams help with the “deep cleaning” that we’re unable to tackle during the week. Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church selected Samaritan for their Great Day of Service; it was a great day for Samaritan as the teams cleared away underbrush, cleaned up the creek bed and the surrounding area of trash.

Contact us to volunteer or receive more information volunteer@triadbiz.rr.com.


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