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Penny Trivia
Did you know...

No one-cent coins were minted in 1815 due to a copper shortage caused by the War of 1812 with Great Britain. *

It only takes 154 pennies to feed one person a meal at the Samaritan Soup Kitchen.

The one-cent coin was made legal tender by the Coinage Act of 1864. *

To feed 450 people one lunch it would take 69,300 pennies, which would weigh 382 lbs.

In 1909, Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to grace a U.S. coin when he was portrayed on the one-cent coin to commemorate his 100th birthday. The Lincoln penny was also the first U.S. cent to include the words "In God We Trust." *

To reach our goal of $100,000, we need to collect 210 miles worth of pennies. This would take us from Winston-Salem to Myrtle Beach, SC.

* taken from www.pennies.org


2013 Annual Penny Campaign


Saturday, December 7
10 am - 4:30 pm
at 110 Oakwood

(across from Thruway; next to Stratford Rd. Starbucks)


Help us raise $100,000

to fight hunger and homelessness in our community


Check Back Soon for Additional Information

Your support of Samaritan Ministries is vital, now, more than ever. Encourage your school, church or office to start a coin collection today and throughout the holiday season. To receive your Penny Campaign posters and jar labels please contact Debbie Hazelwood, Office Manager, at 336-724-4086 ext. 222 or officemanager@triadbiz.rr.com.


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